Monday, June 8, 2009

An Over-do Garden Update!

Spring has sprung! Actually, it sprang rather suddenly and jubilantly many weeks ago, and now we're up to our eyeballs in chard, quinoa, strawberries, and loads of other goodies! We've been so busy cultivating and caring for the garden, in fact, that we abandoned our blogging duties entirely...
we hope you'll forgive us and accept this very condensed list of what what's been sprouting all winter long as our way of making it up to you.

• Planted 14 additional fruit trees in our already-existing mini-orchard of six apple trees.

• Planted 500 square feet of blueberries!

• Expanded our school education program to include field trips in Spring and Fall (more to come on how the spring classes went!)

• Held events for Earth Day and "Turn off the TV" week.

• Created food-donations partnerships with Pacifica Resource Center and St. Edmunds’ Church (and Food Harvest).

• Began a Teen Community Service program.

• Had a visit from St Bartholomew's Church, YAC group, from Atlanta Georgia, who helped build, fill and plant the ADA/Senior beds.

• Held a Seed Saving Workshop.

• Made our first donation to the Resource Center! 37 heads of lettuce, 6 lbs of kale, 3.5 lbs of collards, plus parsley and cilantro.

• Sheet mulched a 500 foot area adjacent to the mini orchard as a demonstration method for soil enrichment and weed control.

What in the world does it mean to sheet mulch? Visit again soon for information and details! We'll be working to fill you in on our Earth Day activities, the "Gardens by the Sea" tour, and more!

Happy Gardening~

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